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My Colonoscopy Made the Christmas Card


colonoscopyIn the American culture there are distinct milestones that make you feel like you are growing up. At 16 you can get your license in most states, at 18 you can vote,  and 21 you can drink. As you age you experience different milestones. At 40 you get your first mammogram and at 50 you get a colonoscopy. When I was 21 I spent some time completing  church service mission and was put on many medications that made my weight escalated to 128 lbs in 1 month (I started at 108). I had been prescribed Doxepin, to control my anxiety.  I was going through a constipation period (IBSC) and literally could get nothing out. I did not have a bowl movement for 2 weeks straight. My appetite had changed too, I was starving. I ate all of the time, I would even eat my trigger foods and nothing happened. Over-eating and constipation don’t mix. I looked as if I was 5 months pregnant. Even with a regular dosage of laxatives and fiber nothing was moving. It was like two mom’s on black Friday fighting over the last Easy Bake Oven, neither would give in. The Doctor (whom I dislike immensely) decided it was time for my first colonoscopy. It was one of those milestones I was hoping I could wait for. Most people get theirs when they are 50, but no I would be 21.  I got mine the same year both my parents did, we put it in the Christmas card… The colonoscopy itself was not bad. It was the prep that rivaled Satan himself. At the time I was staying in a dormitory with all girls. There was no such thing as a private bathroom. That day everyone got to experience my atomic bomb. It lasted hours, I couldn’t get off of the toilet for anything. When I thought it was over, I finally fell asleep. To my utter embarrassment I woke up covered in what was left of my stomach.  All I could do was cry, no 21 year old wants to acknowledge the lack of bowel control. As a child you are tormented if you wet the bed. All I could think was what will people think of an adult, who craps the bed? It was a very low moment in my life. I threw my sheets away and stood in the shower at 3 am in the morning all by myself. I just cried and cried. This was not what I wanted in life, I wanted to be normal, I wanted to feel good. When I made it to the doctor’s they weighed me, the prep had made me lose 13.5lbs. That’s a lot of food storage for a girl so little. It was Valentines day, and I guess you could say I got some action… From a tube and older aged doctor with latex gloves on… I was just happy I was knocked out for the procedure. All they could find was some spots and bad traction (whatever that means), nothing was “alarming” though. It was reassuring to know I didn’t have Colon Cancer or Crohn’s. No answer’s is always good news, but it also puts you back at square one, it’s a catch 22.